In 3 years Australian success story, Bigcommerce, raised $125M, grew from less than $1B in GMV to well over $5B and expanded the company from about 20 people to over 400 spread across 3 offices. One of the founders largely attributed this success to the company culture the CFO instilled. He achieved this by spending 95% of his time in interviews focused on who the person is, their values, background, family, motivations etc. and only 5% on interviewing for skills. 99% of companies hire by simply focusing all their questions on what you need the person to “do” in their role.

With the growth of social media and easy access to everyone’s opinions, candidates spend a large amount of time accessing data and researching a company’s culture before they even apply. If company culture is led from the top, and it often is, this could be something executives need to spend more time focusing on.

Read below about how a company culture focused on their people and what they value helped them grow from a $1B to $5B business in 3 years!

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