Our HRO is HR Outsourcing !

We support HR leaders and departments with flexible task-based and program based services.

We free you up to provide strategic HR and HR partnering – rather than being distracted by operational and administrative tasks.

Our teams provide consistent and high quality HR services – on your HR technologies, or ours.

Simple, smart and cost-effective !


pre boarding

We streamline and manage all the administrative processes involoved with new hires.

on-boarding-day 1 to day 90

We design and manage an onboarding process and assimilation program, taking new employees through their first 90 days.

Full Employee Lifecycle

We handle all Employee Status changes ensuring all employee changes are processed accurately and in timely manner. Producing all paperwork and updating all relevant systems.

program support

Examples include support for all annual HR programs, this many include annual salary and inventive reviews, annual performance reviews.

exit interviews

These can be automated or face-to-face and we manage these interviewers and collate data to identify any trends that require action.

hr enquiry centre

Our centralised HR enquiry centre answers all employee queries, involves automation and personal support.


    In the event that you are acquiring a new business or merging two divisions or entities, we provide key insights to assist with both selection and assimilation of new individuals and teams
    Our range of practical career transition services assist people to become better equipped to secure a new role. The core components of our program include; Career Discussion, CV review and development, Linkedln profile review, Overview of the employment market Job application training, Interview training and Ongoing advice
    We develop strong employee referral programs and help you to convert your workforce into valuable recruiters. Employee referrals have been shown to be faster, lower-cost hires, of better quality that reduce the turnover rate. We can also help you manage ongoing employee referral programs.
    Building a strong employer brand, or employer value proposition (EVP), can help you to stand out in a competitive employment market. We can help you to develop a strong EVP and implement ongoing strategies to strengthen and reinforce this employer branding.
    Hiring managers know their field but often require assistance in how to interview people effectively. At Orchard, we can help train your hiring managers on the right questions to ask, how to draw out information from candidates and how to effectively collate and assess information gleaned during the interview process.