Expert Support for your HR Function

Our professional consultants provide strategic transformation advice and assistance, help improve your HR capabilities, and deliver specific improvement projects and programs in all aspects of recruiting, HR administration and talent development.

Our experienced staff have assisted Executive Managers, HR Directors and HCM specialists with strategic, advisory and program-based services.

Here are examples of some work that we have performed.


HR programs empowered by modern easy-to-use technology provide a great employee experience and lift the profile of the whole HR function

HR Strategy & Planning

We perform HR maturity diagnostics and assessments across all aspects of HR which help you identify your transformation needs and priorities. Our consultants can provide strategic transformation advice and assistance, help you develop strategic plans, build business cases and design improvement programs.

Employer Branding

Building a strong employer brand, or Employer Value Proposition (EVP), can help you to stand out in a competitive employment market. We can help you to increase your attractiveness to prospective candidates, and implement ongoing strategies to strengthen and reinforce your employer branding.

Due Diligence

In the event that you are acquiring a new business, merging two divisions, or planning major business restructuring, we can design and execute due diligence programs, and provide key insights to assist with selection and assimilation of new individuals and teams.

HR Technology Review

We are experts in HR and Recruitment software platforms in the Australian environment, and the process of transforming your applications to the cloud. We can assess your current technology or planned developments, assist in requirements analysis and supplier capability assessments, manage or contribute to your RFI or RFP processes.

Outplacement Services

Our range of practical career transition services assist people to become better equipped to secure a new role. The core components of our program include career discussion, CV review and development, LinkedIn profile review, overview of the employment market, job application and interview training, and ongoing advice.

Pipeline Mapping

We partner with our clients to strategically identify and pipeline top talent locally and globally for business critical roles.  We support clients to better understand the talent within the markets they operate, mitigate risk around sourcing difficult roles and to map external talent onto their succession plans.

Please discuss your priorities and requirements with one of our consultants.

Or start with one of our Maturity Assessments which can help you understand your current program status, your business priorities  and determine how you might proceed.