Orchard provides a powerful cloud-based HR Information System (HRIS) and outsourced Human Resources services to support all aspects of the employee life cycle.

Our HR Outsourcing Services provide peace of mind, knowing that all of the day to day activity related to attracting, hiring, onboarding, engaging, managing, developing, and retaining your staff are looked after by our professional team.

We manage all adds, moves and changes to employee profiles; provide easy to use self-service options; and train our staff to answer HR enquiries from your managers and employees.

Your scarce and valuable HR resources can focus their time developing and executing strategic programs that add value to your business.

Reduce the administrative burden on your team and enable them to provide strategic leadership to your business.

HRaaS Service Components

Core HR

Core HR

We maintain your employee profiles as a single source of truth, covering all employee adds moves and changes from hire to retire.

Our services are enabled by a world class HR Information System from SuccessFactors which delivers a consumer-style easy to use application experience for all employees.



Our onboarding service provides your new employees with the information they need before they start, collects the information that they need to provide, ensures that accounts for email and other systems are created for them, and manages the employee assets that they need.

Great onboarding creates employees that are engaged and productive from their first day on the job, because first impressions are everything.

Enquiry Centre

Enquiry Centre

We can provide an omni-channel HR enquiry centre that all employees use to report issues and request HR services, or look up information in your HR Knowledge Base.

Your employees are full of questions, and we are there to answer them.

We take the noise out of employee support so that your team can be more focussed.

Talent Management

Talent Management

Orchard can support your ability to transform your Performance Management, Succession & Development, Compensation & Benefits, or Learning & Development processes to best practice.

By deploying additional modules in our HRIS and assisting you with program design and administration we provide an uplift to your Talent Management capabilities.


HR Departments are facing increasing demands for providing engaging services to employees, timely support for line managers, rich reporting and analytics for the executive team and increased business value to the CEO.  All with a very small team and no access to capital budgets. Orchard HR as a Service can deliver benefits to all of your stakeholders.


Manage compliance risk and increase peace of mind with enhanced HR reporting capabilities


Lock in low, scalable and predictable HR service costs while avoiding any capital expense


Improve visibility of your team's HR information with easy changes, requests and approvals


Up to date corporate directory and personal HR profile through a simple app. Anywhere, Anytime