HR Departments are facing increasing demands for providing engaging services to employees, timely support for line managers, rich reporting and analytics for the executive team and increased business value to the CEO.  All with a very small team and no access to capital budgets.

Orchard’s HR as a Service can help deliver benefits to all of your stakeholders.

Meeting the Needs of Your Stakeholders

CEO and the Executive

The Executive demand that you deliver a strategic focus on managing and developing people throughout the organisation.

Orchard HRaaS provides:

  • an up to date source of truth for all people related information
  • impactful HR reporting and information analysis
  • the ability to manage compliance risk
  • improved service to line managers and employees
  • an increased focus on Strategic Talent Management

CFO and Finance

Finance require you to provide services to the organisation at an optimum cost, and without requiring capital for expensive IT systems.

Orchard HRaaS provides:

  • predictable costs which scale with the size of your organisation
  • a complete technology solution incorporating world leading HRIS capability with no investment required
  • integration with payroll systems
  • cost of workforce reporting and analytics

Line Managers

Line Managers often see HR systems and processes as a burden rather than an enabler. They want you to make their life easier in managing their team.

Orchard HRaaS provides:

  • improved visibility of information relating to their team for all people managers
  • an easy to use self service app for changes, requests and approvals
  • event driven workflows with built-in content and decision support capability
  • access to the system anywhere, at any time via PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Orchard professional support to assist managers in their people management responsibilities


Employees who do not have easy visibility to information about the organisation are quick to disengage and become less productive.

Orchard HRaaS provides:

  • a consumer app-style easy to use interface for HR self-service
  • an always up to date corporate directory and organisation chart
  • access to the system anywhere, at any time via PC, tablet or smartphone
  • improved engagement through tools for collaboration, information and career development

HR Department

In the HR Department, you want be able to meet the need of “all of the above” quickly, and with a minimum of fuss.

Orchard HRaaS provides:

  • the opportunity to elevate the profile of your HR department across the whole organisation with access to world leading technology tools and reporting to improve business advice, HR decision making and Talent Management programs

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