Hiring the right candidate in today’s market has never been more difficult. Leading employers understand that every person and every role make an impact and they hire for today’s role as well as for the future business requirements. Cultural fit is vitally important.

The employment market remains highly competitive and candidates continue to be selective about their next career move. When candidates are considering a career move they are very focused on the reputation of their new potential employer.

Large employers are generally well resourced with leading technologies, a strong brand and market themselves well as an attractive employer. They have teams of recruiters who are able to progress candidates quickly and professionally.

Mid-size employers are clearly at a disadvantage if they do not have a strong and visible brand and if they lack sophisticated recruitment technologies and specialist teams. Recruitment outsourcing is an attractive option for mid-size employers to ‘power-up’ their recruitment function.

Outsourced Recruitment and Branded Career Centres

With the strong presence of large employers who are actively hiring, for many mid-size employees (up to 600 employees) the most viable way to professionally recruit is to take advantage of outsourced recruitment.

As an “invisible partner” the outsourced provider would typically work under the employer’s brand and represent the employer in the same way that a large internal recruitment team does. As a recruitment partner, they are able to work as an extension of a businesses HR team., target specialist candidate markets and provide their specialist recruitment team members.

Outsourcing offers a seamless solution to recruitment and a Branded Career Centres is a turnkey, yet customised recruitment model that combines the best strategies, resources, leadership and service delivery that operates within the corporate brand.

4 Reasons Why Outsourcing Stacks Up

After working with countless businesses to streamline their recruitment process, Orchard HRO highlights some of the most popular reasons for businesses choosing to use an outsourced ‘Career Centre’ as:

1. Recruitment under your own brand as a professional employer
Brand strength can make the difference when attracting strong candidates. in the war for talent. Candidates want to research any employer before applying and they want to engage directly with the company and not through a third-party agency.

2. Use leading recruitment technologies, without the expense
Recruitment technologies are expensive and complex. Through outsourcing, businesses can access technologies that would usually be beyond their reach, whilst also avoiding complex implementations and long-term contractual commitments.

3. Effortlessly Scale Recruitment Needs
Modelled to scale with your business, the outsourced branded ‘Career Centre’ models are flexible and designed to effortlessly handle recruitment peaks and troughs.

With no lock-in contracts, this flexible on-demand service optimises business opportunities for growth but equally does not drain valuable resources through inactivity when recruitment requirements are low.

4. Cost Control
Recruitment Outsourcing provides a lower overall cost-per-hire for any employer and is usually a variable cost based on usage. External fees are reduced and the provider is able to pass on economies of scale.

About Orchard HRO
Orchard HRO are innovators in this field through their branded ‘Career Centre’. The turnkey Virtual Recruitment Centre that Orchard HRO offer is branded specifically to its user, and ultimately affords the business with a professional and flexible approach for their recruitment via access the a bundle of technologies that are best-in-class, coupled with their experienced local recruitment professionals who act as your dedicated recruiters and partner to the HR team.


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