Andrew Hill Orchard HRO

1. What is your role at Orchard HRO?

I am a Recruiter. At Orchard HRO I’m lucky enough to work with some great companies identifying and attracting talent for key roles within their business. As Orchard HRO is not your standard HR and Recruitment business, another enjoyable part of my role is networking with HR and Business Leaders to highlight how our range of services can assist their HR team and add value to their business. Once people find this out, they always want to know more.

2. How long have you been with Orchard HRO and what did you do prior?

Recruitment has been my career for a long time. I’m approaching 4 years with Orchard HRO. Prior to that, I had experience as both an in-house recruiter and an agency recruiter. With such a diverse recruitment background, I really feel that I have had the opportunity to cherry-pick the best of both environments to now be able to implement the best of talent acquisition processes.

3. What is your HR superpower?

Cultural Fit. As we recruit a range of specialist roles across various industries, picking up the nuances of technical and complex roles whilst also being able to make an accurate assessment of an individuals ability not only to perform the role but also fit with the company culture.

4. What your favourite aspect of working for Orchard HRO?

We work with a hugely diverse range of businesses here at Orchard HRO, which I love. What I like about this environment is that there is always the opportunity to learn something new, whether it be about the industry we are working within or more specifically the roles that we are recruiting for.

The culture at Orchard HRO is also great. It’s a fast-paced environment but we still have time for a laugh along the way!

5. What are your top 3 Podcasts or Books?

I have really started to get more into my podcasts lately. Most recently I listened to S-Town which has some fascinating characters. Teacher’s Pet was another good one. It was an unbelievable story.

Catch 22 is a great book that I recently revisited after watching the TV series.

6. Your favourite animal? 

Dogs. I’m a definite dog person. My personal favourite being our staffy.

7. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

You’ll find me walking the dog around the Chapel St area, and checking out a local restaurant. If the weather is not great I am also pretty partial to binge-watching whatever the latest series is on Netflix!


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