There has been a lot of talk about working from home using online platforms such as Zoom. There has been less talk about how employers have been hiring their new recruits in this new environment.

Since mid-March, almost all of Orchard HRO’s recruitment assignments have been delivered over collaborative technologies such as Zoom, MS Teams and Google. Most of our clients also conducted their interviews over these video platforms and hired candidates without a physical meeting.

The majority of candidates were then onboarded and inducted without entering a company office and meeting their manager and colleagues face to face.

So, how has that worked out? In short, it has been fine.

What are the main differences with this approach?

Zoom meetings are shorter and more targeted. There is less opportunity for small talk and are therefore more focused. An interview is generally completed more quickly.

For the interviewer, it is important to have specific questions prepared to ask the candidate.

For the candidate, it is important to be able to clearly describe their career, goals, strengths and provide succinct examples of work and achievements.

Some tips we have found useful:

  • In choosing an online video platform to use, it is important for both interviewer and candidate to test the video connection beforehand to ensure that any login or connection issues are sorted out
  • Be patient with candidates who are less technically capable than usual – this is common in some industries and for some types of job roles
  • As the host, the interviewer(s) should always be online before the candidate – allow for this in your timing
  • For interviews where there is more than one person attending from the employer, it is important that the panel plan out the interview questions and decide on who will lead the interview
  • If you, as the recruiter, are not part of the video interview, follow up with both the hiring manager and the candidate for feedback shortly after the interview

In summary, has video interviewing always worked out?

Our experience has been yes! We have seen this working well for our clients and their new employees. There has been no situation of disappointment, mismatch or inadequate recruitment practice. Whilst most people would prefer to be meeting others face to face, we are doing well working in this new way.