We hear from businesses all the time that they can’t find the right talent or enough of the right talent to fill their roles. They would like more women in senior roles, they can’t replace their top performers, they need a large number of specific roles filled in a defined time frame, candidates are lacking in some of their key competencies and it is taking months of interviews and they are then taking on someone they feel is not quite right as they can’t wait any longer.

Compromising in the short term is not a long term solution, these ongoing talent challenges require a completely different recruitment approach. Most businesses reach out to recruitment agencies for support, this can be a short term solution, but costly and won’t fix the ongoing gap.

There are a number of different options available to you, some of these are listed below.

  • Develop or improve your Employee Value Proposition – marketing your brand to potential candidates in the right way is essential. You need to define your offering, in a unique way, and verbally and visually position this. Building these key messages into your job adverts, the interview process, your careers page and your recruitment social media strategy will mean you can tap into the active and passive markets.
  • Outsourcing –  if you are happy with your current internal recruitment team, but have some gaps, you don’t have to restructure and outsource your entire recruitment model. You should consider outsourcing certain role types, sales for example, or certain divisions and seniority. You may also want to partner with an external provider if you have a project or talent requirement that needs a team in an short space of time. This solution works well if your business is, for example, outsourcing. As part of your proposal having an agreement with a partner who can staff your projects can help your chances of landing this work in the first place.
  • Talent mapping – being proactive and building relationships with passive candidates that might suit your future roles is really important. If your recruitment teams are busy with large numbers of vacancies, this is not something they get time to focus on. This can be outsourced to an external provider. They can map the market for you and provide a list of suitable candidates who are “warm” and ready to engage when the need arises.
  • Getting your hiring managers to be more proactive on LinkedIn – hiring managers can have the tendency to hand a role to the recruitment team and then sit back and wait. It really needs to be a partnership with the recruitment team and often managers just need a bit of guidance and training to be able to utilise their LinkedIn profile and networks to their full potential.  After all, they are probably a lot more networked in their profession than the recruiter is, so this is a missed opportunity.

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