We’ve brought together our team to summarise a few ideas of how employers are thinking about their HR, their workforces and their recruitment.

Here are a few of the main themes we discussed.


  1. Build vs. buy?

Employers will increasingly build their workforces with talented people who do not have the specific experience, yet can quickly learn the skills and the role. Whilst a good proportion of roles are not as suited to upward progression (highly technical roles that require deep knowledge of finance, risk, engineering etc), many roles do allow people with adjacent experience and with the right attitude and cultural fit to learn and succeed. With Australia’s jobless rate continuing to hover around 5% in 2020 we will see more companies increasingly build by hiring the right people with potential.

  1. It’s about feelings, communication and culture

Employee engagement is important and so is Manager and Team engagement! How people engage in the workforce is personal and often based on their relationship with their manager and team. While “fruit in the office” and “bring my dog to work” initiatives may suit you (often problematic!) – nothing beats open communication, clearly understood goals, teamwork and laughter.

  1. Coaching and mentoring are becoming mainstream

Coaching has traditionally been for senior executives who chose to have a Coach. We predict a movement towards all employees having a coach or mentor (usually a more senior colleague) who can formally help them navigate their way through decisions, relationships and be a regular sounding board. As most employees do not raise their hands to ask for a coach or mentor, managers have to play a lead role to facilitate this.