The post-COVID-19 employment market will remain delicately poised for some time as businesses navigate their way from lockdown mode to the “new COVID normal” as Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria, has labelled the next phase.

On the one hand, companies are unsure how quickly they will be able to increase business activity and how to deal with employees that have been stood down, or who no longer fit the new business models in recovery mode.

On the other hand, there is a talented pool of job seekers who are unable or unwilling to return to their previous job and are available to be recruited by forward thinking businesses with specific needs.

Many businesses will be looking for a cautious and targeted approach to recruitment for which neither an internal, nor agency-based recruitment model is well suited. Most companies require their recruitment to be handed professionally, however they are not always recruiting.

Orchard’s flexible “Switch on / Switch off” Careers Centre is perfectly suited to deliver professional recruitment at no fixed cost

The key problem that businesses are looking to solve is: “How can we operate a consistent strong and branded recruitment approach that is low cost and without ongoing fixed costs?”

Over the past five years, Orchard HRO has been providing a unique “Virtual Career Centre” service to Australian employers. We work with mid-size (50 – 1000 FTE) employers who require the best possible candidates who fit their culture.

Orchard operates branded recruitment centres that are:

  • Branded to become you (we are invisible and all communication is branded as you)
  • On-demand and used the service on an “as needs” basis
  • Flexible and not locked in. We do not require exclusivity and there may be roles that you chose to recruit in a different way
  • Mirror your recruitment processes, templates etc. (i.e. selection forms, reference check forms) or we provide our own templates for you
  • Serviced by our experienced and dedicated team of recruiters and are inducted into your way of hiring – our team become part of your “virtual HR team”
  • Low cost and provide an extensive range of inclusions

Our clients get to experience a highly personal and professional service and expertise from our dedicated Orchard team members.

To learn more about how we are transforming recruitment with a truly flexible approach, please contact Brett Douglas, CEO on