In January, we brought together our team to summarise a few ideas of how employers are thinking about their HR, their workforces and their recruitment for 2020.

As we all know, the world has been turned upside down since then, so how do our themes stack up with 6 months hindsight?

Overall, we conclude (mostly) that they are now more important than ever.


Employers will increasingly build their workforces with talented people who do not have the specific experience, yet can quickly learn the skills and the role

Many roles allow people with adjacent experience and with the right attitude and cultural fit to learn and succeed so we believe that more companies will increasingly build by hiring the right people with potential.

In the current environment this is probably less likely as there is more limited potential for upskilling and cross-training in a team where everyone is working from home. We are also seeing more fully qualified candidates as the level of unemployment has risen dramatically and even highly skilled workers face reduced hours or are furloughed.

If your business has the luxury of longer term thinking right now, actively consider hiring candidates with potential who can grow into the role.


It’s about feelings, communication and culture

This is more important than ever in a corporate environment where there has been considerable upheaval, redundancies and stand-downs, and work stability is under question even for those still employed.

Working from home, which will continue to be the norm for some time yet in many industries, makes it even harder to maintain team performance and employee loyalty.

While daily Zoom calls have become routine and remote team building activities can help maintain engagement – nothing beats open 1 on 1 communication, clearly understood goals, and teamwork.


Coaching and mentoring are becoming mainstream

We predict a movement towards all employees having a coach or mentor.

With employees feeling increasingly concerned about stability of employment and career progression, we double down on our call for managers to include facilitating mentor / coach relationships for their high potential team members in their COVID-era management plans.