We know that recruitment is hard for many managers who don’t really enjoy reading CV’s, interviewing, selecting the final candidate (and saying no to the unsuccessful candidates). It is often easy to ignore common courtesy and to leave some loose ends. We are all busy doing what we are doing, however loose ends don’t really help anyone.

Even more than usual, job seekers right now are under higher levels of stress and anxiety whether they are currently employed or not and regardless of where they are located. It is important to show them consideration in tough times. As Ita Buttrose recently reminded us, many jobseekers these days “need a hug”.

Employers often do not acknowledge candidate applications, leaving the candidate wondering if their CV was ever received, read or considered. A simple email acknowledgement goes a long way.

Even worse, is a candidate attending a phone, face to face or online interview and never hearing back – often after the candidate leaving a telephone message or sending a follow-up email.

Here are a few tips for managers and HR teams to keep up the professionalism and provide a little kindness:

  • Acknowledge all candidate applications with a simple email, when received if possible, and always when someone is unsuitable
  • Be sure that the candidates have an email address to contact for follow up and reply promptly – if it is a shared account, monitor that email account regularly
  • Provide interviewed candidates with sufficient time to attend an interview
  • Be prepared and be punctual – if it is a video interview make sure that you are online before the candidate
  • Pre-read the candidates CV and identify questions and clarifications in advance
  • Allow time in the interview for the candidate to ask questions
  • Contact all interviewed candidates to advise them that they are unsuitable as soon as you have made that decision
  • Contact all candidates still under consideration if there are delays or other changes in the recruitment process

In taking this approach, you and your business will maintain good focus and a healthy reputation.