Happy New Year!

Now that 2020 is past us, it seems that most of our clients are firmly focused on the biggest kick-start to a New Year in our memory. We are all glad to be returning to work in January.

Many businesses have had a long-standing plan to hit the road running after the summer break and are just now realising that this will require many changes. Recovery will not just happen without any effort.

Victoria will join the back to the office rush (slowly) with COVIDSafe office restrictions easing again. Our experience in the rest of Australia is that this will require some active planning and management.

You may be thinking that all the people that were with you this time last year will just turn up again some time in January and, for sure, some will be queueing outside the door, eager for the collaborative working, learning opportunities, and social aspects of work that was difficult over the last nine months.

But some have moved on to other jobs, changed industries, started their own businesses or decided to make retirement choices that provide a different work-life balance than before COVID-19 gave us time to reflect on the nature of work. Many will be looking to continue their sea-change or tree-change lifestyle and unwilling to come back to face-to-face work. Others are just uncertain about what to do with their careers going forward.

The pool of candidates for many jobs has changed dramatically – for better and worse. Backpackers, overseas students, and international expats remain off the table for now. On the other hand, Australian expats who have returned from overseas are in the job market and eager for a new role. People looking for a different role might be looking to you for that opportunity.

All of this means that recruiting new staff who have the right mix of experience and potential to add value to your business from day 1, and who will have the right cultural fit to become high achievers in your environment, will be different from before. You may be able to find, assess and engage all of these new hires yourself, but could you benefit from assistance from a professional recruitment firm?

These are topics that we have for your holiday thoughts as we all look forward to a greatly improved but still challenging 2021.

Best wishes for the New Year from everyone at Orchard.


Hiring someone with too much experience? Know the risks

Managers often like the idea that the person that they are hiring knows everything about the job, has all the skills and has loads of experience. The candidate is seen as a safe bet, can hit the ground running and will need little supervision and no training.

A good hiring result? Not always. We recommend a balanced approach between experienced hiring, lateral hiring and “step-up” hiring that harnesses experience, attitude and learning agility.

What should you take into account in making great candidate selections beyond the safe bet?

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With a large pool of available candidates, do we need professional advice from a recruitment firm?

Recruitment is both easier and more difficult in times of strong candidate flow. Many businesses may be assuming that a simple advertisement will throw up a short list of obviously qualified candidates. However, the pool of candidates for many jobs has changed dramatically for better and worse.

Not only is the number of candidates increasing but there may be candidates applying to your role who would not have been attracted to your ad in the past, throwing up challenges and opportunities.

Our consultants can help you navigate the challenges of 2021’s unique candidate marketplace.

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Knowing your Culture is Key to Successful Hiring

If you know your culture and how to assess cultural fit, it is easy to hire. If you have difficulty in determining who may or may not fit into your business, then hiring can be hit-and-miss.

Knowing who will have the right fit to become a high achiever in your environment, requires some effort to understand the roles in your company, an adjustment to selection and interviewing, and careful consideration of the pros and cons of your shortlisted candidates to get the cultural balance right.

Here’s how we do it ….

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