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The employment landscape seems to have settled somewhat into a “new COVID normal”. Mid 2020, therefore, seems like a good time to examine what lasting effects this is having on recruitment.

Notwithstanding the holding pattern in Victoria as lockdown continues, companies have adjusted to the slow and steady improvement in business conditions for most sectors and even better than normal opportunities for some. This is reflected in a rebound in job advertising volumes which we examine in more detail below.

Back in January we made our top 3 predictions on HR and the recruitment profession and highlighted employee culture and communication, staff development through coaching and mentoring, and ‘outside the box’ recruitment of high potential candidates. This month we reconsider the importance of these topics and conclude (mostly) that they are now more important than ever.

We have also noticed major changes in the recruitment process which are worthy of further consideration – the importance of online interviewing with the new ubiquity of Zoom, and the need for increased attention to candidate management. As Ita Buttrose recently reminded us, many jobseekers these days “need a hug”.

Please enjoy our blogs for this month and stay safe until we meet again.

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Job Advertising has Rebounded

Our tracking of Seek employment statistics shows that companies are back hiring new external staff.

After a rapid and significant 68% fall in March, job ad volumes have bounced back since the beginning of May to a reduction of only 30% off pre-COVID levels. Victoria is still impacted more than that with the re-introduction of lockdown, while the other states continue to improve.

The most significant impact remains in the hospitality, tourism, sports, the arts and retail sectors, especially in Victoria and NSW. Nationally, the least affected industries are Industrial, Construction and the Public Sector.

In our client base we are seeing strong recruitment demand within growing companies in mainly newly created roles across the following industries:

  • Technology
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Finance

For your interest, a list of roles that we have hired recently for our clients is below.

Hiring over Zoom in the COVID-era – is this the ‘new normal’?

There has been a lot of talk about the sudden emergence of collaboration platforms such as Zoom, Google & MS Teams for working from home, as well as supporting our family and social connections.

There has been less talk about how employers have been hiring their new recruits in this new environment. We have found that this can work out very well and share some of our tips on how to make the most of this new way of hiring.

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Showing a lot of professionalism (and a little kindness) in recruiting


Even more than usual, job seekers right now are under higher levels of stress and anxiety whether they are currently employed or not. It is important to show them consideration in tough times by providing a courteous recruitment experience.

What are the main issues, and how should we improve our hiring practices in these difficult times?


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Revisiting our Predictions for 2020


In January, we brought together our team to summarise a few ideas of how employers are thinking about their HR, their workforces and their recruitment for 2020.

As we all know, the world has been turned upside down since then, so how do our themes stack up with 6 months hindsight?


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Revisiting our Predictions for 2020

Over the past quarter we have actively supported our clients across Australia and Asia and have hired a diverse range of roles:

  • Test Manager, ERP Implementation – global manufacturer
  • Business Analyst, ERP Implementation – global manufacturer
  • Human Resource Manager – technology services
  • National Warehouse Operations Manager – ASX listed retailer
  • General Counsel – ASX listed retailer
  • Shipping and Logistics Co-ordinator – automotive components manufacturer
  • Head of Investor Relations – ASX listed manufacturer
  • Senior Auditor – chartered accounting firm
  • Customer Experience Manager – online retail
  • HRIS Implementation Manager – industrial services
  • Accounts Payable Manager – national retailer
  • Production Team Leader and Production staff – automotive components manufacturer

We support over 20 leading employers and our work is consistently varied based on their business requirements.

If you are interested to learn more about our approach, or if you or a colleague, friend or family member is seeking a new role then please contact us.

We have recently published two new case studies highlighting significant engagements in the Manufacturing sector which are available here.

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