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Our Orchard HRO teams consult to a wide range of businesses (broad industries, local ASX and multinationals) in the areas of attracting and managing staff and this experience brings wonderful insights to the world of work.

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Human Resource Managers

4 Good Reasons You Should Outsource Your Recruitment

Hiring the right candidate in today’s market has never been more difficult. Leading employers understand that every person and every role make an impact and they hire for today’s role as well as for the future business requirements. Cultural fit is vitally important.

The employment market remains highly competitive and candidates continue to be selective about their next career move. When candidates are considering a career move they are very focused on the reputation of their new potential employer.

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Remote Workforce

Managing Company Culture for a Remote Workforce

Every company has a company culture. The emergence of remote work arrangements has had a range of impacts on company culture, how workforces communicate and overall employee engagement. As our global workforce makes a definite shift towards the accepted, and in some instances expected, model that includes varying degrees of remote and flexible work arrangements, the challenge for employers deepens to develop an appealing and engaging company culture.

A good starting point for businesses is to understand if and why they are taking on a flexible or remote workforce.

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Digital Disruption & Reskilling

Digital Disruption. Stay Up-To-Date or Become Out-Of-Date

Almost everyone today is using numerous technologies and are required to manage their time, communicate within their workgroup and manage their own HR matters and teams using multiple technologies. Employees and employers can quickly become out-of-date if they do not invest time and effort to keep current within their workgroup. Using a new messaging service, video technologies and embracing the new way of working for travel and HR are expected rather than an optional part of many jobs.

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Orchard HRO proudly sponsors Essendon’s Recruiting and Listing Management team, pictured above, who are involved with draft and player signings and re-signings.

We have also been handling the club’s ‘non-player’ recruitment since 2015. Our sponsorship has been great for our internal team building and for extending our contacts and networks.

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