You're right, there is a better way

For the past 15 years, our Orchard team has been working with Australia’s leading employers to simplify recruitment through our branded Career Centers.

Quite simply, we build and run your recruitment – under your own employer brand, not ours.

For employers of 100 – 2000 staff, you get all the scale and economic benefits that large employers gain.

You will be able to compete for talent, power up your employment brand, leverage technologies and reduce your recruitment spend.

This is our version of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO),  technology-enabled and optimised for Australian businesses.

Our clients are global multinationals, ASX listed companies and local Australian firms – all taking advantage of this better way.

We transform your ability to attract, select, engage and onboard new employees into your organisation.

Fully Branded Recruitment

With our branded service, we become your recruitment team and bring with us first rate leadership, technology, processes and service delivery models.

Our experienced team quickly transform the effectiveness of your recruitment function, while all activities continue to be done under your organisation’s name, boosting your employer brand within the market.

Advanced Candidate Sourcing


We use advanced candidate sourcing techniques and technologies including effective advertising, proactive search, employee referrals, candidate pipelines, online branded presence and social media to attract the best possible passive and active candidates for your roles.

Complete Technology Solution

Our services are supported by world leading technology partners.

We include access to proven recruitment technologies and our applicant tracking system so you can get all the benefits without having to make expensive financial investments.


We develop, implement and manage innovative onboarding solutions to ensure new employees are engaged and productive from their first day on the job.

Flexible and Scalable

We support your internal recruitment team to manage seasonal requirements, specific projects and one-off events, as well as your business-as-usual recruitment needs; and provide dedicated account management to make it easy for your management executive to work collaboratively with your outsourced recruitment team.

Local Market Expertise

We manage all recruitment requirements locally – so if you are hiring in Australia, we use Australian based staff; for recruitment needs in Asia, our APAC team manages your needs.

We won’t offshore our work, or yours.

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