Moving HR Applications to the Cloud

At Orchard we are using Cloud Computing to deliver Business Processes as a Service, embedding technology in all of our offerings so that our customers get the benefit of world leading systems without any financial investment in hardware or software.

For mid-size Australian businesses this is a game changer.

Technology-enabled, world leading services. Great People, Smart Business.

There has been much written about The Cloud in recent years as if it is something new and revolutionary. Technologically it is not new, as it has been possible to run business computer systems using somebody else’s hardware in a remote data centre since the dawn of business computing in the 1950s. In fact before the 1970s it was the only way to harness computing power for most businesses as only the most immense organisations such as NASA, airlines or banks could afford to own their own mainframe systems.

So what has changed? Plenty has changed for mid-size businesses and Orchard is in the leading pack of technology-enabled service providers.

Large businesses can use cloud computing vendors such as Amazon Web Services to access computer servers and storage in a remote data centre to run their applications in a cheaper way, accessing only what they need at any point in time (called Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS). Suppliers can also include common application programming environments, database technology and other “middleware” on this infrastructure for their customers’ use (Platform as a Service, PaaS).

Small businesses and individuals can access software applications over the internet and use that cloud functionality as they see fit. Think of Facebook or internet banking for individuals, and accounting or payroll systems for small business (Software as a Service, SaaS).

Mid-size Australian businesses have not had huge benefits from either approach. They do not have, or want to program, their own business applications or buy perpetual software licenses in order to use IaaS or PaaS approaches. And the SaaS offerings are made for the mass market, often for the American market, and offer very little ability to customise or develop functionality uniquely required by their business.

For these businesses the opportunities come from Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) providers such as Orchard. Common for large corporations using outsourced and often offshore service providers, we can now bring our HR administration services to the midsize market.

Using the combination of world leading, flexible and customisable software as a service plus our skilled administrators we can now run your HR administration services at reduced cost and requiring no hardware or software investment from you.

Orchard’s HR as a Service offering provides everything that the big end of town has had available for their HR systems in a flexible, cheaper package. Delivering the service from the Cloud ensures that your employees can access HR services from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. The software is embedded completely in our service and you pay only for what you use. Our talented people act as part of your business, and scale up and down with your demand.

And our Career Centre service does the same thing for recruitment.