Our onboarding service provides your new employees with the information they need before they start, collects the information that they need to provide, ensures that accounts for email and other systems are created for them, welcoming them digitally into your organisation so they become immediately productive.

New employees feel part of the organisation before they even arrive

Welcome Employee Pack

New employees receive a welcome email that provides them with access to our HRIS onboarding portal which contains all the information that you want to provide to them before they commence. This can include corporate information and welcome videos, a personalised welcome provided by their manager and information about their new team.

Collect Information

We collect information before they start which ensures that everything is set up when they arrive, including employee profile information, payroll data such as bank account details, electronic forms such as their Tax File Number declaration and electronically signed confirmation that they have read and understood mandatory corporate  policies & procedures.

Manage Day One

Using our system you provide new employees with everything they need to know about their first day – where to come, and where to park, who to ask for and what to bring. They have meetings set up for them, a buddy to spend the day with, and contact details of all the people you would like them to connect with.

Integrate with Payroll

All the information needed to set up payroll records can be set up from our systems before their fist day. As the Orchard HRIS is the source of truth for all employee data, all the important information is provided and updated with payroll via system integration.

Create email account

Our HRIS can be automatically integrated with your Active Directory to provide access to the systems they need via Single Sign On, including making sure that they have their corporate email address set up before they arrive.

Provide employee assets

We can also integrate with other systems or send emails to your administrators well before the new employees arrive to organise site security passes, car parking, business cards, application access, and orders for hardware such as desktop or laptop computers.

Because First Impressions are Everything